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Oscar Juul-Sørensen, 20th of March, 1989

Born: Copenhagen, Denmark
Based: Den Haag, Holland

Creating your own special ingredient. Colonel Sanders’ Special Recipe 101: 

The medium must be a unity of as many different strains as possible, in order to create an overarching feeling. Therefore, most of my works combine paintings with digital media in installations, as to create an overwhelming environment. Like a giant virtual reality pizza, reaching as far as the eye can see with toppings changing throughout. It is about feelings and reactions, but it stems from memories of the past that mirror a voice of culture, upbringing, and desires. Entertainment, super ego - wanting to be the best in the world, Patrick Swayze - because you pull the buoy far far into the sea, until it reaches it’s peak atmospheric pressure and shoots upwards and pierces through the surface of the vast ocean soaring into the sky with all the power from being trapped on the bottom of the sea.
A Rocket Man like Elton John sang. 

2014 - 2018 Royal Academy of Art, Koninklijke Academie von Beeldende Kunst, KABK, Den Haag, Netherlands
2010-2011, Instituto Europeo di Design, IED, Art Direction, Barcelona, Spain

Selected Exhibitions & Events

2019 “The Voice Is Loudest In Your Head” - ROOTS FESTIVAL, Den Haagse Filmmakers, Filmhuis Den Haag, Den Haag, NL
2019 - “BEST PRIZE: TROPHY WIFE - The Story of Mrs. Crabapples, FILLER III, STICHTING SIGN, Groningen, NL
2018 - Best of Graduates Show PULSE Studio Omstand, Arnhem, September-October, BEST PRIZE: TROPHY WIFE: The Story of Mrs Crabapples.
2018 - KABK, Royal Academy of Arts, Graduation Festival, “BEST PRIZE: TROPHY WIFE - The Story of Mrs. Crabapples”
2018 - De Vlieg Gallery, "Fort Manchild", Group Exhibition, Haarlem, NL
2018 - One Nest Stand Another Dimension “Outermost Corner” Open Call, Group Show, @ NEST, Den Haag, NL
2018 - TANTALUS BLUFF @ Amstelveenseweg 300, Amsterdam, NL, Gerrit Rietveld initiated group show
2017 - NOKIA’S TAG LINE @ MOOOF, Binckhorstlaan, Den Haag, NL , pre graduation group show KABK, December
2017 - Ideology Meets Implementation @ W139, Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam, video screening, November, 2017
2017 - Group exhibition “THE WILD” @ W139, Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam July-August.
2017 - Grey Space in the Middle, “Caramelo” - Group Exhibition
2017 - SOLO Exhibition w. art initiative CLEAN TV @ Rod Bianco Gallery, OSLO, June, 2017
2016 - Dinosaur Playtime “Part 1”, group show, Lekker Belangrijk, Den Haag, Netherlands
2016 - Studio13 “LVBLIN”, group show, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Group exhibition
2016 - 4bid Gallery “At least im going the mrs. Crabapples premiere”, duo show, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2015 - 4bid Gallery “A Night Out The Studio, 1”, solo show,  Amsterdam, Netherlands
2014 - Gallery EXO Opening Macs Oxe, group show, Den Haag, Netherlands
2014 - Internship @ Gallery EXO, Den Haag, Netherlands
2014 - HÅNEN & ÆGGET, Gallery Vess, solo show, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 - Gallery Bobblegun “Væsen”, group show, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 - 42Gallery “42 Pop Up”, group show, Copenhagen Denmark
2012 - Gallery Vess + Bobblegun, group show, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 - Sønderborg Harbour “Blomster i Havnen”, group show, Sønderborg, Denmark

Additional Informational

2011 - 2013 Head Creative Researcher @  production house BACON CPH, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 - 2010
working for Nordisk Film on numerous feature films, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 - ongoing Owner of clothing brand kolikclothing.com, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 - ongoing
Self taught in taxidermy, skinning, tanning and mounting hides
2008 - ongoing Self taught tattoo artist

2009 - ongoing Band member of Brummen, DK

2016 - ongoing 1 Half of artist duo Clean TV - www.cleantv.live