'The Voice Is Loudest In Your Head’ is an art project following our protagonist played by Oscar Juul-Sørensen. The film has been shot by Marius Mathisrud throughout the entirety of 2018 and comes across as a pseudo-doc feature film where our lead character goes through trials and tribulation in despair of lost love and tries to cling on to every piece admiration and tactility he comes across his path. 

The film is the biggest independent work from CleanTV and serves as a 2.0 to our online linear art-tv channel that launched in 2016. ‘The Voice Is Loudest In Your Head’ shines a light on the trends of modern pop culture and the repercussions from it too. How do we interact with each other when no one looks at each other? How do we handle ourselves contra our online super-ego? How do we communicate with each other?

All there is left is the voices in your head. 

to watch the full film contact oscarjuulsorensen@gmail.com